Reviews of the 4BLANC Alizé manicure dust collector

  • Nadezhda Primak
    Author and instructor of manicure and pedicure techniques, head of the training center and studio in Nursultan
    "My dream to supply each master with a wonderful 4BLANC dust collector has come true. We were happy to equip our entire pedicure class with six dust collectors! It is a buzz, not a speck of dust in the office, not a speck of dust on the master's uniform. Assembly process as easy as possible! Very mobile, moves on a special rack. The perfect light for the master! The sound of the dust collector is not very loud, does not irritate and allows the client to communicate with the master. This is really a godsend!

    With the 4 BLANK dust collector you won't swallow dust during the smart pedicure!I think it is the dream of any master!"

  • Ekaterina Baskova
    Pedicure teacher, TOP nail industry
    “Working without a nail dust collector is a path to allergies and asthma for the master. 4 BLACK dust collector bribed me with its size. Any dust collectors with pedestal were too noisy and too massive for me. I am satisfied and don’t regret investing money in it."
  • Anastasia Maslo
    Pedicure instructor in Murmansk
    "The 4BLANC nail dust collector is a real solution for pedicure and manicure masters.

    A powerful pump will save you from a dusty curtain in the workplace.

    My favorite dust collector!"

  • Anastasia Vostrikova
    Founder of two premium manicure studios in Samara
    "We've been looking for something like this for three years, but it wasn't that. Nail vacuum cleaners "work" only when removing the old coating but they are powerless with the dust from the heels, since all the dust flies up! My God, how ashamed I was in front of our guests, our masters, I was turning red as a crab when I saw this cloud of dust, it's a disgusting feeling! Finally, we have found something that suits absolutely everyone! 4BLANC babies are a complete delight!"
  • Irina Tretiakova
    Pedicure master, teacher of disc techniques
    "The best thing a pedicure master can invest in is new knowledge and high-quality equipment. Separately about equipment , because your health depends on it, as well as the health of the client. Since I work only with discs and often do pedicures on hard problem feet - after each pedicure, no one would find us with a client because of the lay of dust! After all, tiny, light dust flies up and then settles everywhere!

    My best purchase of the year is a 4BLANC nail dust collector! It protects me and my client from extra dust on clothes, allergies, and makes pedicure procedure comfortable.

    I recommend it to all masters!"
  • Kristina Nozdrina
    Pedicure and manicure instructor
    "4BLANC nail dust collectors are the best I've ever met. During the two days of the course, I did not dusting on purpose, on the second day in the evening I practically did not find it. It is a pleasure to work, the light is adjustable and it is bright enough for work. Everything is so comfortable that when I first sat down at my workplace to demonstrate the technique, I was ready to squeal with delight! Now the work with a Strong on a pedicure is a pleasure!"
  • Nadezhda Kirillova
    Pedicure instructor, founder of the school for nail masters in Vladivostok
    "After 4 BLANC nail dust collector we can say we are delighted and did not expect such a wonderful result! It is ideal if you care about your health and the health of your customers. We all need to understand that the smallest particles of skin and nails are the components of pedicure dust. In fact, with hardware techniques on a non-professional device, tissues and nail dust constantly get into our lungs, which the strongest allergen and a source of various infections."
  • Daria Martynova
    Founder of the studio and school for nail masters in Omsk
    "The best purchase. Compared to pedicure machines, the price/quality ratio of this thing is just fire! My masters are satisfied!"
  • Anna Nazarova
    Founder of the manicure center in Krasnodar, author of training programs on modeling and nail design
    "I had been choosing a nail dust collector for a long time. A few years had passed before I met the one, my only one, that sunk into my soul and heart.

    - Compact and lightweight
    - No curbstones and inconvenient structures
    - All the dust inside
    - The light is better than any lamp
    - Moderate noise
    I didn't find any disadvantages! Well, if only the price! Although it's worth paying for 😉

    I advise everyone!"
  • Natalia Katrenko
    Manicure and pedicure master in Murmansk
    "This is love! Thanks to 4 BLANC for the perfect solution to the dust problem and taking care of the health of the master and the client! I've been testing this cute baby for a month. Compact, powerful and very stylish! There is no longer that tiny dust that settles on the client, the master, all surfaces and, most important, in lungs! For a pedicure with a smart disk it's a salvation. Perfect cleanliness and there is no need to do a general cleaning of the office after each procedure! An additional bonus is an incredibly convenient ring illumination. It does not give a shadow, everything is visible to the smallest detail!"
  • Ekaterina
    Manicure and pedicure master in St. Petersburg
    “I've been using the nail dust collector for 2 month. And I want to note that this is one of my best purchases! In terms of power, 4 BLANK is not loose to a corrugated dust collector, and at the same time it has a great advantage. It is much more mobile due to the lack of a pedestal! The filter itself is located in the dust collector, which is installed above the workplace. For those who do both manicures and pedicures, this is a big plus. I roll her closer to the pedicure chair. There is also a light built into this filter. Well bellissimo! But it is worth saying that of course not 100% sawdust gets into the filter. Some parts fall on the table (it does not fly apart, but falls under the hands). But this is just a trifle compared to how it was before. Now my workplace is always clean, as are my clients' clothes.”
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