Manicure table with nail dust collector 4BLANC Alizé

First of all, the nail artist’s table is responsible for comfort during a manicure.
The first thing a manicurist should think about is the organization of the nail salon. The working area should be comfortable and functional, and fit into the interior of the studio. All this makes the manicure procedure not only a quality service, but also pleasant for the client.

A manicure vacuum cleaner is the second thing you can’t work without. Some manufacturers offer a manicure table with an extractor already built into the table top.

What are the pros and cons of such a solution?

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A manicure table with an extractor is quite expensive, but despite this, manufacturers save money by equipping the table with a cheap dust extractor on bags. An extractor in a manicure table with a filter removes dust better.

The entire built-in vacuum cleaner is installed under the table. This prevents the technician and the client from sitting comfortably and affects the result of the work.

These tables can often have additional shelves, niches and built-in sockets. It is convenient, but it can be expensive for a beginner manicurist to buy such furniture. It is not always profitable and usually suitable for large salons. A manicure table and a nail dust collector you can buy separately let you equip your salon just as well while spending much less.

What is the advantage of buying a table separately from the nail dust collector?

You can choose any table that you like and fits your budget. It is easy to control the quality by buying each device separately for the interior. Pay attention especially to the material the worktop is made of. It should be resistant to frequent cleaning with disinfecting solution. If thought out carefully, it is possible to assemble the optimal manicure kit for work.

A great addition to the manicure surface can be a 4BLANC extractor. It can be set up on any tabletop and does not require special installation. A secure, auto-locking fastening won’t let you down, but be careful using it with glass tables!

It is important to keep a distance of at least 50 cm from the edge of the dust collector to the working area. But if the table is not long enough or for some reason you cannot install the device on it, the 4BLANC vacuum cleaner can also be fixed to the floor stand and put side by side. It is easy to move around the room with the stand and use for pedicure, as 4BLANC is universal.

Keep in mind: built-in models don’t collect dust that rises up. This is easily handled by 4BLANC Alizé, as the suction area of the vacuum cleaner is located above the working surface. It does not block your view and it’s easy to place it at the right angle.
To order the Alizé nail dust collector visit the site Price — $699.
To order nail dust collector Alizé visit the site Price — $699.
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