What is a nail dust collector for?

No matter how hard the nail technician tries, a manicure is a "dusty" procedure.
There is especially a lot of dust when working with the device. It settles on furniture, clothes, on the phone lying on the work surface. The most dangerous dust — fine dust — is in the air, even if we think we can’t see it.

Dust after pedicure and foot treatment may be even more dangerous. There is always a possibility that there may be pathogens in the processed material.

Dust gets on the mucous membranes and into the respiratory tract of the nail artist and the client. This leads to allergic reactions and eye irritation and can provoke diseases such as asthma, rhinitis, and tracheitis and cause shortness of breath.

You can’t get rid of dust by just cleaning and airing rooms. Invisible flying particles will remain in the air, endangering all around. Masks, screens or goggles are not reliable protection.

So the answer to the question why you need a vacuum cleaner for a manicure is obvious. First of all, to preserve health. The extractor sucks up the dust immediately, preventing it from flying around the salon and causing damage to health.

A high-quality vacuum cleaner is a demonstration of customer care

The cleanliness of the premises is also an important criterion of a nail artist’s professionalism. The presence of a vacuum cleaner means that the practitioner respects the client and takes care of their comfort. A tidy workplace and salon means a regular customer. If the manicure and pedicure services are provided at home, a vacuum cleaner must be purchased. Otherwise, you endanger your family. They’re going to have to breathe in some nail dust and other material.
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Types of vacuum cleaners for manicure

1. Tabletop — a popular model for home use or for working in small studios. A table vacuum cleaner is convenient to take with you on your way out to the customer. They are quite silent and consume little electricity. Equipped with fabric bag for dust collection. Some cons — the bag does not hold fine dust. With a large volume of work it can quickly fail.

2. Built-in — a stationary vacuum cleaner that is mounted in the table. This extractor is more powerful than the previous model. It can withstand daily stress. It does not occupy a separate space. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with an NERA filter, which is an advantage. It catches volatile dust, and also keeps in unpleasant smells. The built-in device is not suitable for pedicure because it is fixed on the surface and is stationary.

3. Floor vacuum cleaner — a powerful vacuum cleaner, which is designed to work with a large flow of clients. Such models are oversized and can be used for manicures and pedicures. However, some floor units are quite noisy and energy-consuming. For example, vacuum cleaners with a corrugated tube of the "bollard" type.

The Alizé Nail Dust Collector is an original 4BLANC creation

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The 4BLANC Alizé universal exhaust is equipped with an innovative filter that cleans 99.98% of the extracted air.
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The 4BLANC Alizé universal exhaust is equipped with an innovative filter that cleans 99.98% of the extracted air.
The vacuum cleaner does not occupy a separate place and fit harmoniously the interior of any office. With a fastening and flexible holder it is easy to install it on a table or pedicure pedestal. 4BLANC Alizé can be successfully used for manicures and pedicures. The vacuum cleaner has a power regulator that can be easily controlled from anywhere in the cabinet due to its long wire. Built-in ring LED lamp has 4 levels of lighting, allowing you to choose the most comfortable mode.

The 4BLANC Alizé floor ail dust collector is a smart choice and a great investment in the development of your nail salon and your success in the profession.
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