Innovative nail dust collector

Powerful enough to fully protect the health of the manicurist

Innovative nail dust collector

Powerful enough to fully protect the health of the manicurist

Powerful suction.
The cleanest air.

Thanks to the super-strong motor and the patented shape of the fan blades, the air flow swirls, creating a "cyclone" effect, which doubles the cleaning power:

STAGE 1 – Once it is slowed down, all of the heavy dust is thrown against the walls and settles in a special chamber, which prevents it from getting trapped in the filter. This extends the filter service life.

STAGE 2 – 99.98% of fine dust is captured by the filter as the air passes through it.
Cyclone Technology
Directs the airflow
Captures 99.98% of volatile dust
Creates a vortex to ensure effective cleaning

Protection of your health!

The unique 4BLANC filter is made of cellulose (paper) processed with a special synthetic resin, which enhances the cartridge's resistance to moisture and chemicals.

The filter's accordion structure increases the filtration area hundreds of times.
Dead skin cells and nail dust
Synthetic dust
Nail odors
Particles consisting of the client's skin cells and nails. The nail dust collector does not collect the larger cuticle trimmings, but it will completely remove all airborne biomaterials that you would otherwise inhale
Fine dust generated from the removal of old nail polish. Particles in this dust have sharp edges and can damage your mucous membranes.
A suspension that stays airborne in the room for up to 24 hours. It contains dangerous chemical byproducts of broken-down skin, etc.
The exhaust process reduces unpleasant odors during the procedure.

Power and Reliability

The heart of the nail dust collector is an engine belonging to the 4BLANC group, which makes the cleaner incredibly powerful for its size. Powerful just enough to completely protect your health. 4BLANC has tested a dozen motors and, based on a study conducted by engineers, has shown the perfect balance of absolute power and moderate noise.

For your convenience, we have installed a power control so that you can choose the operating mode that best suits you.
Air flow
Power consumption
540 m / h
40 W
4,300 RPM

A serious approach to design

Our guiding design principle was minimalist aesthetics in a small package. We developed the 4BLANC nail dust collector completely from scratch. A group of expert manicurists an salon owners took part in the development.

Conveniently mount it to a table, pedestal, or floor stand.
Looks great in any interior. It will be sure to set the style for your nail salon.

The right lighting to ensure a great result!

The embedded lighting produces a soft, expansive, yet diffused light flow, which allows you to see blind spots and identify ragged edges, cuts, and other defects as clearly as possible.
Light flow
Power consumption
1200 lm
14 W
5,600 K
The lamp can be operated and adjusted independently of the dust collector. The lighting has 4 different levels of brightness to facilitate the manicurist's work: 25/50/75/100%. This lighting reduces the strain on your eyes and allows you to continue to work efficiently through the working day as well as to reduce your overall level of fatigue.


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    Pro Quality.
    Patented Intellectual Property

    Our powerful dust collector, the Alize from the 4BLANC Engineering Family, is made possible by innovative technology and is environmentally conscious. The product has been tested and conforms to approved quality standards. Intellectual property is protected by Patent No. 2 722 712.
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