Why does a manicure vacuum cleaner blow dust out?

Has the nail vacuum cleaner filter become unusable?
Let’s figure it out.
It is difficult to imagine a modern nail salon without a manicure dust collector. The vacuum cleaner significantly simplifies the nail artist’s work, makes the procedure comfortable for the client and guarantees the neatness of the workspace. But sometimes troubles occur — the manicure vacuum cleaner starts blowing dust out, adding cleaning worries.
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There are several reasons why a vacuum cleaner can "spit out" some of the nail dust.
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There are several reasons why a vacuum cleaner can "spit out" some of the nail dust.
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  1. A damaged or incorrectly fitted bag.
  2. An overflowing dust collector — filter, container or bag.
  3. The device is assembled wrong — not following instructions.

This cannot be allowed! Flawless vacuum cleaner operation not only helps to organize the manicure process but ensures the cleanliness of the manicure studio. First of all, it is about taking care of the nail artist’s and the client’s health. If nail dust is blown out, it gets on the mucous membrane and into the respiratory tract with the air, and can provoke allergies and serious chronic diseases.

Ordinary cleaning won’t help here. You will need to reveal faults and take the necessary troubleshooting measures.

How to identify problems with vacuum cleaner operation?

First of all, inspect the dust collector element thoroughly. If it is a bag, it should fit the fasteners tightly. Check its integrity. The fabric can wear out, so dust can fly off. Fine particles are so tiny that they can be blown through porous material if the material quality is not good enough. It is not worth skimping on. One of the causes of such a defect may be small size dust collectors at high engine speed. There is a so-called "ricochet effect" in which dusty air comes out at the edges of the fan.

If the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a fine filter, such as a high-efficiency 4BLANC dust collector, then a clogged filter will "crumble". This is a clear sign to clean or replace it.

In most cases, and in any device, dust will fly off only when the filter is full.

What is the danger of blowing out dust?

Apart from obvious harm to health, such malfunction can cause damage to the entire device. Fully clogged dust collection elements are an additional vacuum cleaner motor workload. If it is not powerful enough, it can burn out from overheating. Its replacement will be more expensive than timely care of the filter or bag. In addition, flying off a faulty vacuum cleaner nail sawdust gets on master’s tools and additional equipment. You have to spend extra time cleaning, which slows down the manicure and pedicure process in general.

If you have examined the device, cleaned or replaced the filter, but it did not help and you could’t find out the reason why the manicure vacuum cleaner throws dust — contact the manufacturer or the service center. Do not delay it! After all, the proper dust collector operation is the key to your professionalism.
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